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KokopelliMedia-Logo-200-horizKokopelli = Media was started by professional actor / producer Mark Adair-Rios to help solve the problem most actors face. How to work in Film and Television more often! After performing in over 70 film and tv projects during the last 23 years, Rios decided to take matters into his own hands and fight the urge to wait around to be hired.

Kokopelli = Media is the result. Our mission as 21st century Balanced Producers are to create quality film and television projects that are marketable, entertaining, create a return on investment for our partners; And most of all to help create acting vehicles for Mark and his peers who are underrepresented in todays film and tv atmosphere.

Mark Adair-Rios


Mark Adair-Rios’ discreet African-American, Dominican, Creek Indian Nation and Scotch-Irish Danish (can you say multi-ethnic?) descent have garnered him a diversity roles that range from gang member to techno geek, psychotic killer to neurotic cop, and Latino convicts to LA transvestites.

Is currently a Series Regular on TVOne’s hit show Love That Girl. The 4th season premieres October 11th, 2013

He’s Recurred on Off The Map, CSI: Miami, Jericho, MDs, The Evidence, and others. As well as multiple Guest Star appearances including Psych, TnT’s Graceland (pilot), Castle, Three Rivers, Cold Case, Las Vegas, NCIS, ER, JAG, and numerous others (see IMDB).

 In feature film, Mark can be seen in the upcoming Indy Juke Box Hero, Lionsgate’s Blaze You Out, the Real St Nick, Balls To The Wall, and other big budget films such as Along Came Polly, Bruce Almighty Stigmata, Courage Under Fire, Dr. Doolittle, Fool’s Rush In, Speed 2, Crocodile Dundee In LA. …And then some.

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