Queen Of The Channel



Drama, Family – Feature Film

A high school prodigy is coached by her grandfather to swim the same perilous challenge that killed her mother: The English Channel!

Sixteen-year-old Claire Matthews is an academic standout raised in an athletic family headed by her grandfather Henry. Yet, despite her lack of athletic talent, she was groomed, like her mother Lilly, for the ultimate test of endurance; Swimming the English Channel.

Lilly’s recent attempt at conquering the channel swim ends in tragedy when a surprise storm hits, and drowns her.  Grief-stricken, Claire’s life spirals out of control. Her grades plummet, she withdraws from her friends, and she avoids the water at all costs. And to top it off, Claire’s grandfather Henry takes on a new student to attempt the Channel swim: her high school swim team nemesis, Becky.

With his relentless spirit of hope, Henry directs Claire back to the water. He enlists her help in coaching Becky, and she grudgingly agrees. Emerging slowly from her grief, Claire pours herself into the training and begins to heal. Her life begins to get back on track, with one exception.  She realizes in order to fully move on and become her own person, she must attempt the Channel swim for herself, and confront her fears and deep seated anxiety over the sea.

Will Claire forgive her grandfather for pushing her mother too hard during her ill fated crossing? Will she forgive herself for not being able to save her? Will Claire be able to gather physical and emotional strength to survive one of the most dangerous swims in the world?

Queen of the Channel is currently in DEVELOPMENT



Written and Produced by Mark Williams-Abrams
Consulting Producer Mark Adair-Rios