Wild Salvation



Action, Thriller, Female Protagonist – Feature Film

COLT, a woman with more venom than the rattlesnakes that adorn her boots, as she speeds through the desert in search of a new life in Mexico after knocking off a bank.


She is able to evade the cops, and now there is nothing to stop her.  Colt thinks she’s home free, but she drives past a young teenage girl walking on the side of the road.  The girl limps along dirty and disheveled.  Fearing the girl might die in the blistering heat, Colt reluctantly offers to give her a ride.

The girl’s name is Alejandra, but everyone calls her ALLIE.  She is stubborn, hard-headed and refuses to give any answers as to why she’s wandering through the desert. In short, Colt sees in Allie a young version of herself. As long as Allie doesn’t cause trouble, Colt agrees to drive her as far she can, but the road out of the desert won’t be an easy one.

Colt learns that Allie was the victim of human trafficking.  Stolen from her home, she was bought and sold like an animal into the sex trade.  She ended up in a brothel in the middle of the desert, but she was eventually able to escape on foot.  The brothel has hired MARQUEZ, a merciless tracker, to find Allie and bring her back at all cost.

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Wild Salvation is Currently IN DEVELOPMENT

Principal Photography starts in Spring 2014

Wild Salvation-barcode-Final


Directed by Mateo Frazier

Produced by Chad Burris, Mark Adair-Rios, Mateo Frazier

Written by David Byrne Jr & Manuel Messerli